Partagas Anejo, Esplendido (Gordo) (4.5″x60)



Partagás Añejo Cigar: A Symphony of Flavors Crafted from Aged Excellence

Step into a world of timeless refinement with the Partagás Añejo cigar, where a blend of tradition and aged expertise awaits your palate. Meticulously crafted with a masterful combination of tobaccos, this cigar is a tribute to the Partagás legacy, delivering an experience that’s rich, flavorful, and elegantly complex.

As you ignite the Partagás Añejo cigar, you embark on a journey that engages every sense. The carefully curated blend of Cameroon, Dominican, and Mexican tobaccos creates a symphony of flavors that evolves with every draw. The sweetness of honey intertwines with the warmth of cedar, and a hint of spice dances across the palate, creating a dynamic and captivating interplay.

Product Details

Blend Details:

Wrapper: Cameroon

Binder: Dominican

Filler: Dominican, Mexican

Flavor Profile: A Melody of Nuances

Cameroon Wrapper: The Cameroon wrapper, known for its distinctive reddish hue and delicate texture, introduces an exquisite layer of sweetness. Expect notes of honey, cedar, and a subtle hint of spice that set the tone for the entire experience.

Dominican Binder: The Dominican binder plays a key role in the blend’s cohesion, contributing a creamy undertone that marries the different elements harmoniously. This binder offers a bridge between the wrapper and filler, ensuring a balanced and seamless journey.

Dominican Filler: The Dominican filler tobacco unveils a complex tapestry of flavors, with hints of nuts, dried fruit, and a refined earthiness. This component adds depth and elegance to the overall profile.

Mexican Filler: The Mexican filler tobacco brings a touch of boldness to the blend. Expect a subtle spiciness that adds intrigue to the smoking experience, along with a distinct depth that complements the other tobaccos.