About us

"Styx by the Lake is a company that draws inspiration from the region of Lake Hopatcong, a pristine lake community. The genesis of the company came about when Mr. Styx himself was searching for a decent cigar shop to visit one early evening and have a relaxing smoke, only to realize to his dismay that there were no shops located within the community around the lake. This immediately sparked an idea to bring a quality shop to his newly adopted lake community. At Styx by the Lake, we are committed to bringing a new, refreshing style into the cigar industry that is versatile in nature, catering to a wide range of enthusiasts and hobbyists alike. This opulent industry, full of remarkable tastes and aromas, continues to evolve, especially in recent years. We, at Styx by the Lake, are there to support its ascent, so strap on because we're taking you with us. We strive to make a difference, and we invite you to join us. Take your pick from our extensive category of cigars, have a seat, cut that cap, strike the match, and enjoy a well-made premium Styx! From us at Styx by the Lake Cigar House, we look forward to welcoming you..."Grab a Styx and enjoy"

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