Diesel Whiskey Row Founder’s Collection Boxergrail (Toro) 6.0×52



Immerse yourself in a world of exceptional taste and sophistication with the Diesel Whiskey Row Founder’s Collection Boxergrail. This meticulously crafted cigar pays homage to the art of aging premium leaf tobacco with high quality whiskey barrels. The Diesel Whiskey Row cigar, when aged with American oak barrels that previously held Rabbit Hole Founder’s Collection Boxergrail Rye Whiskey results in a uniquely complex and nuanced smoking experience.

The precise aging duration, environmental conditions, and the specific characteristics of the barrels used all contribute to the final flavor profile of the whiskey. Over time, the cigars absorb the flavors and aromas present in the barrel. The vanilla and caramel notes from the American oak would complement the natural tobacco flavors in the cigars, enhancing their sweetness and richness.

Product Details


The blend of this cigar is full of Balance and Complexity, The combination of the Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper and Nicaraguan binder and filler can create a balance between the wrapper’s sweetness and the filler’s spiciness. This blend of flavors can offer a multi-dimensional smoking experience that evolves as you progress through the cigar.

Flavor Profile:MEDIUM+/FULL

Vanilla and Sweetness: American oak barrels are known for infusing the whiskey with flavors of vanilla, caramel, and butterscotch. These flavors add depth and complexity to the spirit, enhancing its overall sweetness and richness.

Spice and Toastiness: The toasting and charring process used in the construction of American oak barrels results in the release of spicy and toasty notes. These elements contribute to the warming and spicy character often found in well-aged whiskeys.

Fruit and Floral Notes: American oak can bring out fruity and floral aromas in the whiskey, adding a layer of freshness and complexity. These notes can range from citrus and apple to more subtle floral undertones.