Connecticut 6×50




Connecticut Shade wrapper cigars are beloved by cigar enthusiasts for several reasons. Firstly, their mild strength and smooth, creamy texture make them highly approachable, perfect for both novice and seasoned smokers alike. Additionally, Connecticut Shade wrappers often impart a subtle sweetness, complemented by gentle spice and nutty undertones, creating a well-balanced and nuanced flavor profile. Their versatility allows them to pair well with a variety of beverages, from coffee to whiskey, enhancing the overall smoking experience. Furthermore, Connecticut Shade wrapper cigars are known for their excellent construction and burn qualities, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable smoke from start to finish. Overall, their mild yet flavorful character, coupled with their smoothness and complexity, make Connecticut Shade wrapper cigars a favorite choice among cigar aficionados seeking a refined and satisfying smoking experience.

Product Details


Wrapper: Connecticut Shade

Creaminess: Connecticut Shade wrappers are known for their smooth and creamy texture, which contributes to a velvety mouthfeel. This creaminess is often complemented by the Dominican filler and binder tobaccos, resulting in a rich and satisfying smoke.

Subtle Herbal Nuances: Dominican tobaccos are often associated with herbal nuances, such as tea-like flavors or grassy undertones. These subtle herbal notes can add an additional layer of complexity to the cigar’s flavor profile, providing a unique and nuanced smoking experience.

Sweetness: Connecticut Shade wrappers often impart a natural sweetness characterized by notes of honey, caramel, or even floral undertones. When paired with Dominican filler and binder tobaccos, this sweetness can be further accentuated, creating a pleasant and harmonious flavor profile.

Binder: Olor Dominicano(San Vicente region)

Olor Dominicano tobacco from the San Vicente region of the Dominican Republic is renowned for its distinctive flavor profile, characterized by a harmonious blend of sweetness, spice, and complexity.

  1. Creamy Texture: One of the hallmarks of Olor Dominicano from San Vicente is its creamy texture. This velvety smoothness envelops the palate, imparting a sense of luxury and refinement to each puff.
  2. Smooth and Balanced Finish: Olor Dominicano from San Vicente is prized for its smooth and balanced finish, allowing the flavors to linger gently on the palate without overwhelming it.



 Dominican/Pennsylvania and Nicaragua: The Pennsylvania fillers add an unexpected twist! Bursting with a delightful sweetness and subtle spice, they elevate the blend to new heights, creating a harmonious balance that dances on the palate. The Dominican traditional seed fillers bring a richness and depth, unveiling notes of earth and cedar. The boldness of the Nicaragua fillers will surely bring out that hint of spice and complexity of a well rounded cigar.





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