Chillin Moose Bull Moose, Robusto Gordo (5.0″x60)



Prepare to embark on a flavor journey that celebrates the rich heritage of Nicaraguan tobacco. The Chillin Moose Bull Moose has been meticulously crafted to showcase the dynamic interplay between a Habano wrapper, Nicaraguan binder, and Nicaraguan filler, resulting in a cigar that’s a true testament to the art of tobacco blending. With each draw, you’ll uncover layers of flavor that dance on your palate, ranging from the initial burst of spice to the evolving nuances of sweetness and complexity.

Product Details


 Wrapper: Habano

 Binder: Nicaraguan

 Filler: Nicaraguan

Flavor Profile:

A Symphony of Nicaraguan Nuances

Habano Wrapper: The Habano wrapper introduces a captivating layer of complexity with its distinct reddish-brown hue and enticing texture. Expect an initial burst of pepper and spice, which gradually gives way to notes of cocoa, leather, and a subtle sweetness.

Nicaraguan Binder: The Nicaraguan binder provides the structural backbone of the cigar, and its presence is felt throughout the smoking experience. It contributes a robust earthiness, along with undertones of cedar and a touch of nuttiness.

Nicaraguan Filler: The Nicaraguan filler tobaccos are the heart and soul of this blend, delivering a full-bodied and multi-dimensional flavor profile. Anticipate a symphony of flavors including black pepper, espresso, dark chocolate, and roasted nuts. The filler’s spiciness is complemented by the binder’s earthiness, creating a harmonious balance.

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