Caldwell Long Live the King Mad MF Belicoso(5.5″x52)



The Caldwell Long Live the King Mad MF is a premium cigar produced by Caldwell Cigar Company, known for its commitment to creating unique and bold smoking experiences. Caldwell Cigar Company is known for its unique and boutique-style cigars, often pushing the boundaries of traditional cigar making.

Robert Caldwell, the founder of the company, has a reputation for creating bold and innovative blends that appeal to aficionados seeking a distinctive smoking experience.

Product Details

Wrapper: The “Mad MF” Wrapper is a San Andres Valley Region, The San Andrés wrapper is a favorite among cigar enthusiasts who enjoy cigars with a bold and robust flavor profile.
Binder and Filler: The binder and filler tobaccos used in the Long Live the King Mad MF blend are sourced from the Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. These tobaccos are known for their complexity, strength, and bold flavors.
Strength: Long Live the King Mad MF is considered a full-bodied cigar, meaning it’s likely to deliver a powerful and intense smoking experience.
Flavor Profile:
Expect deep and complex flavor notes from this cigar. The Maduro wrapper can provide dark and sweet flavors, such as chocolate, coffee, and earthiness.
The blend may also offer spice, leather, and pepper notes, creating a well-rounded and rich flavor profile.
The combination of Dominican and Nicaraguan tobaccos adds depth, with a balance of sweetness and boldness.