Victor Sinclair Shots “Cherry Brandy”



Victor Sinclair Shots cigars are a line of premium cigars produced by the Victor Sinclair Cigar Company, a subsidiary of the Davidoff Group. These cigars are unique in that they feature a “shot” of flavor infused into the head of the cigar.

The flavor infusion comes in a variety of options, including rum, cognac, whiskey, and tequila, which adds a distinct aroma and taste to the smoking experience. The cigars themselves are made from high-quality tobacco leaves, with a smooth and mild-to-medium strength profile.

Victor Sinclair Shots cigars are available in a variety of sizes, from a small cigarillo to larger toro and Churchill sizes, allowing smokers to choose the perfect size for their preferred smoking experience. Overall, these cigars are a great option for those who enjoy a flavored cigar with a high-quality tobacco base.





Product Details


Dominican tobacco filler and binder, wrapped in a natural leaf wrapper infused with natural and artificial cherry brandy flavoring.

Flavor Profile

mild to medium-bodied cigar with a sweet and fruity taste profile that is perfect for those who enjoy flavored cigar products.