5-Pack Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto (6.0″x60)


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The Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto is a type of cigar produced by the Gurkha Cigar Company, known for their premium and luxurious cigars. The Double Perfecto is a unique cigar shape, tapered at both ends and with a bulge in the middle, which creates a distinct and flavorful smoking experience.


These cigars are hand-rolled from exquisite Cuban-seed ligero tobaccos grown in the Cibao Valley of the Dominican Republic, aged 8 full years, and hugged by gorgeous, dark, silky Connecticut wrappers fermented to perfection. This combination imparts a rich, very creamy taste with just the slightest hint of spice, and a mellow, pleasant, yet remarkable burst of flavor on the finish


The cigar is approximately 6 inches long and has a ring gauge of 60 at its widest point, tapering down to 52 at both ends. It is hand-rolled by skilled artisans, ensuring a consistent and high-quality smoking experience.


Overall, the Gurkha Centurian Double Perfecto is a premium cigar that is highly sought after by cigar enthusiasts, due to its unique shape and rich, complex flavor. It is best enjoyed with a glass of your favorite spirit, and is sure to provide a luxurious and enjoyable smoking experience.



Product Details


dark, oily, Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf, a Dominican binder, and a blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican filler tobaccos.

Flavor Notes

spice, leather, earth, and cedar, with a hint of sweetness on the finish.




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