Fireball Cigarillos Tin 10 Pack



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Looking for a way to add some heat to your next party or night out? Look no further than the fiery and smooth flavor of Fireball Whisky paired with premium cigars. Whether you’re looking to host a rager or a shindig, these cinnamon-flavored cigars come in both boats and tins to suit your needs. Although it may burn like hell, this pairing is sure to taste like heaven. These Dominican-filled, Indonesian-wrapped cigars are expertly balanced to create a spicy delight that perfectly complements the flavor of Fireball Whisky, whether you prefer it straight or mixed. Get the party started with a few tins of these hot cigars that are sure to make waves for a long time to come. Please note that Fireball is a registered trademark of Sazerac Company, Inc. and is used under license.

Product Details


The blend features Dominican-filled, Indonesian-wrapped

Flavor Notes

mild and sweet flavor with notes of cinnamon, vanilla, and whiskey


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