Drew Estate Tabak Especial Limited Cafe con Leche (5.5″x54)



Drew Estate Tabak Especial Cigar is a premium cigar brand known for its unique blend of high-quality Nicaraguan tobaccos and delicious coffee flavors. This brand is a perfect choice for cigar enthusiasts who enjoy the taste and aroma of coffee and tobacco together.

The Tabak Especial Cigar is handcrafted in Nicaragua with an exquisite blend of aged tobaccos, including a rich and creamy Nicaraguan binder, and a mix of Nicaraguan and Indonesian filler leaves. The blend is then infused with a combination of Nicaraguan coffee beans and other natural flavors, creating a unique and satisfying smoking experience.

The cigar has a medium to full-bodied strength and a smooth, velvety texture that makes it easy to smoke. Its dark, oily wrapper leaf is flawless, giving it an appealing appearance, and its construction is impeccable, ensuring a perfect draw and even burn.

The Tabak Especial Cigar comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including Robusto, Toro, and Belicoso. Each size provides a different smoking experience, from a short and powerful smoke to a long and leisurely smoke.

Overall, Drew Estate Tabak Especial Cigar is a premium cigar brand that combines the perfect balance of coffee and tobacco flavors to create a unique smoking experience. Whether you’re a seasoned cigar smoker or a beginner, the Tabak Especial is a must-try for anyone looking for a delicious and satisfying smoke.

Product Details


dark, oily Connecticut Broadleaf wrapper, which has been aged for at least 3 years. The binder is a Nicaraguan Criollo, and the filler is a blend of Nicaraguan tobaccos infused with Nicaraguan coffee beans.

Flavor Profile

medium to full-bodied , The Cafe con Leche is characterized by rich notes of coffee and espresso, with hints of cream, milk chocolate, and a subtle sweetness on the finish.
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